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8 Hacks for Getting any Type of Floor Clean

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Every time you walk through the front door of your home, you bring dirt and dust collected on your shoes from outside. Along with that, germs and various spoils get accumulated. Even if you don’t see them, they are there. It is only by careful sanitation of the floor that can you ensure you and your family are safe.
Regardless if you have just one type of flooring in your home, or there are multiple hard-surfaces that you have around, you will have to use effective floor cleaning methods to ensure you get the job done well. Here is what you can do to spare yourself hours of backbreaking work and get any floor sparkling clean:

- Hardwood floor - the thing you have to consider about hardwood floor is that it usually has a coat of finish; wax and polyurethane being the two most common options. How you approach cleaning depends on the type of finish. For waxed floors, you have to be careful with water, as the delicate surface can be damaged by any liquid. For this reason you need to focus on using your dust mop, sweeper and vacuum cleaner and pretty much nothing else. For sealed wood floors that have polyurethane or polyacrylic coating you can mix a quarter of mild soap and water in a bucket and work with that. Damp-mop and then wipe moisture with a microfiber cloth.

hardwood floor

- Cork floor - keep in mind that cork is porous, which makes it vulnerable to water. And while you don’t have to worry that much, since cork flooring is normally sealed, you should work on spills quickly so that the potential for damage is minimised. For effective floor cleaning, you can turn to a more natural solution: a quarter cup of vinegar with a drop of liquid soap mixed with water in a spray bottle. The acidic component of the vinegar works wonders alongside the soap in ensuring that dirt and other spoils are dealt with. Simply spray and wipe with a damp cloth for perfect results.


- Laminate floor - laminate is a durable material that can last you for years. While it is resilient and sturdy, it doesn’t mean you should wet the floor to sanitise it. Cleaning experts suggest dry mopping and vacuuming as an effective method for getting your laminate floor clean and refreshed.


- Bamboo floor - bamboo is softer than most hardwood floors, which is why it is vulnerable to scratches. You have to be cautious about cleaning bamboo floors, because vigorous sweeping can be harmful. You can use the same solution as on hardwood with mild soap mixed in water. Be gentle with the mop and wipe out moisture with dry cloth.

bamboo flooring

- Linoleum floor - this resilient flooring can be treated the same way as cork floors - hot water and few drops of dishwashing detergent mixed in a spray bottle. Work your way one section at a time by spraying and wiping with a damp cloth. The goal is to clean and have the floor air-dry immediately.


- Vinyl floor - vinyl is among the most durable materials used in flooring. It is nearly impervious to stains, thanks to the glazing on the tiles. For weekly cleaning you can mix a quarter cup vinegar, a drop of soap and water. Use the same spray-and-wipe technique as linoleum. When the floor requires proper deep cleaning, you should resort to a steam cleaner that can get both the tiles and the grout sanitised. It can do wonders in killing any bacteria and removing stains.

vynil floor

- Natural stone floor - if you don’t want to see your natural stone floor damaged, you will do well to avoid using vinegar, ammonia and bleach. The contents of these can hurt the material. Instead, you must use a pH-neutral cleaner that will not react to minerals in the stone. If the floor is not sealed, mop with a microfiber cloth and hot water to get stains off, as chemicals can easily penetrate the stone. For stubborn spoils, you can utilise the power of a steam cleaner.


- Porcelain tile floor - cleaning with vinegar is the way to go with porcelain. Get your trusty mix of quarter vinegar, a drop of dishwashing detergent and water to spray the tile flooring one section at a time. Wipe with a damp cloth and you are good to go. As with vinyl, you can get your tiles steam cleaned every now and then for proper sanitation.

porcelain tiles

Take into account all of these tips and tricks to get your floors cleaned without any trouble at all. Keep in mind the specifics, as they can make a big difference. Avoid using harmful materials and you can enjoy a clean floor surface for longer.

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