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7 Signs Your Home Needs More Attention

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your home needs attention

If you are too neglectful of your home and avoid home cleaning as much as you can, at a certain point you will notice that life will become much harder for you. Everything can be ignored up to a point, and then further doing it will only mean making your life more difficult. You will notice that when you start coughing and sneezing when you neglect carpet cleaning and dusting, or when you have to clean your windows because light is refusing to go in because of the shady spots and stains on the window panes. And, at a point, you will see how hard it is even to trek through your living room, once it’s full of pizza boxes and grocery bags. To avoid all this, you should just follow the signs that your home needs more attention.

1. The bursting wardrobe
Once you start taking out half your wardrobe to find the half where you actually store the clothes you want to wear, then it just about time you organise your wardrobe or closet.

messy wardrobe

2. The overflowing utensils.
If all your spoons and forks and knives are stored in cups and bowls around the kitchen sink, then it is probably time you either buy yourself an organiser for your drawers, or start using it, in case you already have one.

kitchen utensils

3. The ‘falling’ cabinets.
When you open a cabinet and you immediately close it, fearing that all its contents might fall out, guess what. You should probably store fewer bowls, pots and pans there, or at least organise them so that opening a cabinet door doesn’t have to be a trial.

kitchen cabinets

4. The rising bed.
When you realise that you have more things under your bed than you actually store in your attic, you should take action. Under the bed is where people store all things they did not find – or did not bother to find – a place for during the last renovation. And then they keep adding shoes they no longer wear, empty boxes, used bags, and so on, until the mattress actually gets an oblong feel. Don’t do that to yourself and get your items sorted out while you still have a mattress.

messy bed

5. The half-kitchen, half-living room.
When the living room starts overflowing, you will start adding things from it to the kitchen. Hardly a reasonable choice, as the kitchen is where you do your cooking, and the living room is one of the dustiest places in your home. Adding things from a room that needs constant carpet cleaning to a room where everything should be immaculate is less than sanitary.

clean kitchen

6. The half-full trunk of the car.
When you start using the trunk of your car as a storage unit for extra clutter, you are in trouble. Start doing something and get your home clean and organised before it starts tearing apart.

full car trunk

7. The doors that refuse to close.
Once doors in your home refuse to close because of all the clutter behind them, this is an urgent message from your house to start doing something. Stacked cardboard boxes, crates full of items that you might or might not need. Cleaning products hiding behind all the belongings probably means that even they don’t want to be involved once you start the house cleaning. Everything has its place and you should find it instead of shoving everything behind closed doors.


Ultimately, you should always think about the organisation of your home and you should definitely not leave things untouched for a prolonged period. “Out of sight, out of mind” works only for a limited period of time and then it starts being problematic, so don’t wait for that threshold and work for a cleaner, more organised home.

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