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6 Mistakes that Really Slow Your Cleaning Down

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How quickly does your home cleaning go? Or how fast can you go through your daily chores before you go on with doing something you would actually enjoy? For the sake of having more enjoyment, have you actually wondered whether you are doing it all right? Yes, there is a right and proper way to get your home clean, and there is a right, but slower way to do it. You can save a lot of time if you follow a certain order and a certain method for everything you do. Here is a list of things that people neglect and so they complicate their house cleaning.

1.    You don’t leave the shoes at the door.

Many people have bare floors and don’t bother taking their shoes off at the door unless they are muddy. This way you make your floors dirtier than if you had a nice carpet thanks to which you can remove your shoes after you walk in through the door. Otherwise you just bring in all the dirt that you have to later clean. What’s worse: vacuuming the carpet every few days or mopping the floor and waiting till it dries before you use it on a daily basis?

take care of shoes

2.    You don’t go top to bottom.

There is a specific rule that you have to follow when you clean. That is the ‘top to bottom’ rule, which means starting to clean the room from the ceiling, and then going down till you get to carpet cleaning. Otherwise you will get the floors done, and when you get to dusting and cleaning the cobwebs from the ceiling, you will realise that half of them have landed on your newly cleaned floor, and now you have to redo that task.

clean from top to bottom

3.    You don’t use your vacuum cleaner’s sweeper properly.

There is a reason why the sweeper can be turned off. The sweeper helps take dirt lodged into the carpet piles which then the vacuum cleaner sucks up. And it should be turned off when going over tiles or hardwood floor because otherwise the sweeper spreads the dirt and dust around and you have to chase after it instead of immediately cleaning it up.

use your vacuum cleaner sweeper properly

4.    You don’t clear out the room when thoroughly cleaning.

When you engage in cleaning a room thoroughly, you should empty it as much as you can. Otherwise you have to constantly move objects about the room and then return them to their place, and then clean out the dirt they left behind on the cleaned spot while dragging them there. It is better and faster to work with a fully cleaned room and then clean the furniture and items you will place inside.

cleaning the room

5.    You pre-wash your dishes before using the dishwasher.

Washing the dishes in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher for a better cleaning job is a myth. No matter how well you pre-wash them, the dishwasher will always do the same job – it is the job you got it for, and it will keep repeating it until broken. Just scrape food leftovers from the plates and put the dishes in the machine to free up precious minutes of your time.

pre-wash your dishes

6.    You don’t clean your cleaners.

Surprise, surprise. The tools you use for cleaning need the same thing done to them, too. They require maintenance so that you can maintain their workability and usefulness to the same level as they day you bought them. Your vacuum cleaner’s sweeper needs cleaning, and its container bag needs emptying. Your mop needs washing, and your sponges and microfiber cloths need disinfecting. Make sure you keep the tools you use clean and in working order so that they clean at their best.

cleaning tools and products

By avoiding these mistakes you will have a faster home cleaning time, and you will have more time for your own hobbies. Work on the swiftness and productivity of your cleaning skills and you can free up even more of your time.

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