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5 Types of Mess You Should Actually Be Thankful For

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A mess to be thankful for. Does that sound strange to you? You might find it curious, but there is such a thing and you will be surprised when you actually get one to deal with. For example, home cleaning is never on your mind while your only concerns are a few dirty dishes and some dust on the TV. But when messes get bigger and one day you walk through your door and all you can think about is that horrible odour that keeps assaulting your nostrils and the gathering flies about the sofa, your cleaning tools will appear in your hands faster than you can say “wow, what a dump”. And later, once everything is shining, clean, fresh, and that mould hazard has been dealt with you will be tired, but thankful that there was a mess to tell you that you needed this, right?

But there can be messes on a smaller scale that will also be beneficial for you once you start dealing with them, or after cleaning success has been achieved. Here are some of them:

1. Bucketfuls of laundry
You might wake up one weekend and start looking for something to wear so that you don’t have to spend the whole day in your PJs. But the only thing you can find is all the appropriate clothes strewn across the floor or around the laundry bin. You should be thankful you actually noticed them this time since if this was a workday, your options for clothing would have been dirty or smelly. And you know that deodorant and perfume can’t hide the state of your clothing all the time.


2. Dirty sofa begging for upholstery cleaning
You enter the living room in look of the typical Friday night respite, and what do you find? Popcorn and crisps all over the upholstery, a few wipes that were supposedly keeping your hands clean, yellow and orange fingerprints on the armrests, half your remote on one side of the sofa, the other one – over there, where you threw it after bloody Xavi did that stupid play, and so on. You might have to spend the next part of the day sofa cleaning, but ultimately you will receive an even bigger respite, and not to mention that you can find all sorts of surprises between the cushions.

sofa cleaning

3. Grimy and odorous carpets
There is nothing like having to spend an entire afternoon carpet cleaning to finally be able to appreciate the daily vacuuming routine. A few minutes of your day spent wrestling with the vacuum cleaner are always preferable to finally succumbing to cleaning up that carpet after days of treading through clouds of dust and trying to avoid the sticky areas of your carpet.

carpet cleaning

4. Kids’ rooms full of clutter
Enough with the negative sides of the messy rooms. Let’s focus on the positives. When you enter your kids’ room and see the anarchy of soldiers and dolls in a constant battle for space in the room, you should not get mad – kids will be kids. You should actually be happy, because the mess means your kids are well and active, and too busy with their toys to do messes in other parts of the house.

kids' room

5. Unmade bed with pyjamas on the floor
You know who did this. That spouse of yours will pay as soon as possible for leaving the bedroom in a shoddy state, but while you clean after him / her, you should be thankful, because the mess means it’s the same person you love to be around and adore yelling at every time he / she screws up like this. That just might make cleaning up the mess something so smile about instead being mad over, right?

unmade bed

Not all messes are bad. Yes, they are bad for the flat or house by themselves, but every mess symbolises something and fixing it can lead to new discoveries. So think bigger once you encounter your spouse’s next accident and do smile before you engage in the act of punishment.

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